Our goal is to continue developing our unique
technological systems in order to further.

Our Moto

Lakinii is all about celebrating little moments of life. About creating memories.

Memories that are cheerful, flamboyant, colorful and most of all happy.

Every product that comes out of Lakinii is made with love and precision. Outfits that will forever remained etched in your life, outfits that make every moment a celebration.

Lakinii make your life a beautiful celebration

  • We creatively, joyfully celebrate and make each and every moments of life memorable
  • We deliver designs which fills your soul with Happiness
  • The joy and happiness of your day begins with us
Our Story


The driving force behind Lakinii is the passionate and admirable dedication towards mitigating the irregularities of circumstances in every way to bring new fashion concepts in existence. Through its creative vision, team Lakinii aims to be unique among all odds by emerging as a magnificent celebration destination.

Lakinii is one brand where one can find world class fashion adapted to each and every region without compromising on the individuality of people. This is done by incorporating traits of your personality and elements of your dreams into your attire in such a way as to evoke your inner self to the outside world.

We weave every fashion lover’s turbulent thoughts and vision of expression into a complete picturesque canvas. Walk into Lakinii and pick out the most beautiful portrayal of you!

Divinethreads & Lakinii

Divinethreads was founded in July, 2018 and is centred Kayamkulam, Kerala. I started Divinethreads with a vision to retail ready-made and rare fabrics. A facility for stitching and tailoring was established adjoining the boutique.

We started off with a workforce consisting of a fashion designer and 6 tailors. Right from the beginning, the business accelerated quite well, culminating in sales worth Rs 40,000 to 60,000 daily. The volume of sales reflected upon the demand Lakinii products had among customers. Surprising was the acceptance my designs got in the vicinity of Kayamkulam despite lacking a comparatively urban setting. Thus the response of customers towards my wonderful designs built a certain confidence in me that helped me strive forward.

The tailoring division made a good market. Within a short span of 3 months I found the market was responding rather well to the bridal works we had done so far and thus started to continually focus on wedding contracts.

Following heavy demand from customers to open shop in a city we decided that Lakinii should expand to Trivandrum. Incentive enough were the better opportunities, increased exposure and cosmopolitan crowd, cities had to offer in comparison to a village like Kayamkulam. We realised that a city like Trivandrum would better acknowledge and reward our hard work.

A market study conducted in January 2021 revealed that there is enough space for a new venture. Thus keeping aside an intention to compete with other contemporary clothing brands, Lakinii ventured out on a journey to make an identity of our own.

Staying true to our mission Lakinii are constructing a beautifully ornate showroom which from its grandeur will cater to premium and upper middle class sections of the society. The showroom will be centre of excellence in the field of fashion making people want to visit and re-visit. Lakinii will soon evolve to be a brand that is sought after by soon-to-be-brides to a point where they proudly say, “I am wearing Lakinii”.

We plan to grow Lakinii as a brand and more so as a status symbol, to an extent that brides feel that Lakinii is an inevitable part of their wedding attire.

Lakinii from now on ventures into the virtual world, where it becomes the first South Indian brand to compete with the big names predominant in Northern India. We do not plan to stop there. Our dream is to eventually establish Lakinii as a global Indian brand.

From ramps, to fashion leagues, to dressing celebrities for events, Lakinii must become an integral part. Lakinii’s signature style will be recognisable from it very own vibe, style in advertising, pictures, social media handling and public appearances.